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Article: Advent Calendar: Artoyz X Kerbans

Calendrier de l'avent : Artoyz X Kerbans

Advent Calendar: Artoyz X Kerbans

Christmas is now only a handful of days away and if the trees and garlands have already invaded our streets, the main event of this month of December remains the advent calendar. What a pleasure to religiously open a little box day after day that reveals surprises.

For this year 2021, we have put together a photo calendar for you, in collaboration with the talented Kerbans. 24 images which will retrace the various figurines which have enamelled this last year.

December 1st

Let's start this beginning of the month with our unmissable items at the end of the year, Lucas Beaufort's GusGus.

Luckily, they're available at a reduced price right here.

December 2nd

If you want to revise your anatomy a bit, we can only direct you to the toys of Jason Freeny who takes pleasure in dissecting just about everything that comes to hand.

Available here

December 3

If you like steampunk and Bearbricks, this model by Royal Selangor is clearly a must-see.

December 4

"I wanna be the very best"...available here

December 5

A vintage snoopy by medicom toy. Available here

December 6

They are still together, of course the sublime Astro Boy by ToyQube

December 7

They're still in the gang too, they're our latest 6 "Teddy Troops models. They're right here.

December 8

Never two without three, another group photo with this time the Superkranky

December 9

If it's more Halloween than Christmas, this Guggimon figurine by Superplastic is still devilishly successful and can be found here.

December 10

Always bitingly ironic, Poopy Pants by Joan Cornellà is available here.

December 11

"To infinity and beyond" with the SML WARS SS 001 SPACECRAFT VER

December 12

A little return to childhood with the UDF Sesame Street.

December 13

Film noir atmosphere with this 1/12 Juzo Inui Action Figure

December 14

He is vengeance, he is the night, he is Batman.

December 15

Full of colors with this sublime figurine by Superplastic.

December 16

If you love computers, then this Classicbot is for you.

December 17

The cult figure of the editor of the article: The Vegan Vampire.

December 18

Obviously, the Wood Awakening figures are happy to celebrate Christmas

December 19

Here's Dunny

December 20

The most angry of Disney characters still seems very happy as the holidays approach.

December 21

The classiest bounty hunter has little risk of getting lung cancer.

December 22

A little super hero who shouldn't be unknown to you if you know a little about the Marvel universe

December 23

We celebrate the tenth anniversary of Popmart with this sublime Muckey figure

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