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Article: Blackaperier by Sheone


Blackaperier by Sheone

Arg, too few info still on this release, but we must expect to take a good spanking with the first figurine of Sheone, English graffitius who made his weapons on NYC subways and whose abstract style is among what is better nowadays. The newcomers, well decided to fuck the brothel, of Garage Works Industries / Made by Monsters, we come out this vinyl in April, a few months after we gratified the superb Rrin of Ron Français. Suffice to say that on quality there is not too much to worry. For Blacktelier, Urban Vinyl Until in the cuffs, sober figurine and class (black with a coward) and bomb of painting for tronch. The resumption of the illus he stuck on his own bomb Montana release a few weeks ago (already exhausted, not worth running). His work, his collaborates are on his site Blacktelier.

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