House of Secret - Secret Base Exhibition / Taiwan

It's true that Taiwan it's a bit far, let's say that Rambouillet or at the edge Provins it would have been simpler to go by car (for us other Parisian snobinards and conveyed, but destiny has decided otherwise, and secret base will rather pose his luggage full of colorful monsters on the Chinese island. The famous figurine cage comprising a room of each of the secret base outings ever edited is one of the attractions of the Japanese shop and so it's this private collection that will be forward from April 24th. It's been a few hundred kilometers less than Japan, and if ever by the greatest of the chances you were passing down at this precise period (until May 3), it is necessary Of course, it's almost an order. There will be of course special releases for the event. I'll be curious about how many pieces include Collec SB, Anyone's proposals?
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