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Article: Broken & Blue by Jon Paul Kaiser x Djohan Hanapi x Mighty Jaxx

Broken & Blue par Jon Paul Kaiser x Djohan Hanapi x Mighty Jaxx

Broken & Blue by Jon Paul Kaiser x Djohan Hanapi x Mighty Jaxx

Children we were bathed in stories of princesses and charming princes, godmothers the good fairy and other fantastic characters come to soften a duller daily life. And if today we are a little disenchanted, we confess without any probleme being always attached to them. Artists also from elsewhere. Take the artist and illustrator Djohan Hanapi who imposed a more sexualized vision of our childhood princesses, including Snow White. Ah, dear Snow White who loses her little silly side. But it's not so much the illustrations that it does that interests us but the resin toy made with Mighty Jaxx.

"Fairest of them All" shows the princess, with black hair, naked holding the famous red apple (which is poisoned in the tale) to hide her sex. More realistic and more sensual, this version of Snow White didn't fail to attract Jon Paul Kaiser, renowned artist. Designer, illustrator but especially great regular designer toy, Jon Paul Kaiser has embarked on an ambitious custom. He has indeed put tons of blue tattoos on the figure of Djohan, mixing tattoo techniques and illustration by turns. Frames, pointillism, shading, everything is there and it's bluffing. Renowned "Broken & Blue", this Jon Paul Kaiser custom is unfortunately not for sale. It remains a pleasure for the eyes and an exceptional piece for tattoo lovers.

As for "Fairest of them All" by Djohan Hanapi x Mighty Jaxx she is already sold-out.

"Fairest of them All" de Djohan Hanapi x Mighty Jaxx 

"Broken & Blue" de Jon Paul Kaiser 

Credits : Djohan/ Mighty Jaxx/ Jon Paul Kaiser

Source : Jon Paul Kaiser 

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