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Article: You're told more about Devilo Erepectus, our last figurine with MIST

On vous en dit plus sur Devilo Erectus, notre dernière figurine avec Mist

You're told more about Devilo Erepectus, our last figurine with MIST

If you know our work you surely know that this is not our first collab - Artoyz Originals x Mist. Remember Lucius. This figurine had allowed us to highlight Mist's work while accentuating his love and our love of Art Toy. So it's there4 years that sprouting the idea of ​​a new collaborationWith MIST with the creation of a character a bit more irreverent and expressive than Lucius. Besides, you have been numerous Discover the Prototype of Devilo Erepectus at Comic-Con Paris 2016 And many have to ask why it had taken so much time.

The reason is simple. Devilo Erepectus is more complex in terms of production because of its articulation and its balance given by its tail. On the other hand, there have been some quality worries with the mussels. So you seized it we wanted it to be perfect. And for good reason, as usual, Mist played on a strong chromatic palette, Pop, bright mixed with fluid lines and pointed ends, his signature. It was necessary that every detail explodes with finesse So that Devilo Erepectus can register in the continuity of his work, always inspired by diabolics small characters.

But now finished waiting! You will finally be able to order one of the 200 copies Devilo erectus we go out on Wednesday.Spoiler alert : It will not be the only color. You will need to be a little patience to discover, throughout the coming months, the 4 other colorsWho - Believe us - are just as bright.

From the top of his 20 cm, Devilo Erepectus is displayed at the price of € 89.90 and is sold in A box showing the drawing of MIST ! A double pleasure for the fans of the artist.

See you this Wednesday, September 18 at 13h onour website !

Credits: MIST / ARTOYZ

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