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Article: Buff Monster Toys


Buff Monster Toys

BuffMonster Toys The society Mindstyle is the subdivision of Kaching Brands, Toycom based in San Diego and appeared in 2006 as the most promising box of our universe. This sub-division deals with more majestic or classroom projects, always linked to artists whose quality and originality will always be optimally as we have normally seen on the skwak maniac or the fact that they work closely for The US market with Michael Lau. Still, this series of mini figurines that will be offered on sale on Artoyz from July 24 very precisely is a summer freshness that is not without reminding the soft breeze that slips us on the spine when the wind Gets up on the beach of Vieux-Boucau after a hot day spent in Glander on the beach (yes I know this feeling that's why I describe it to the smallest detail). 8 figures that you can see the image will compose this first series of name for the Street-Rock-Pink-Artist BuffMonst. Sold in pretty boxes and blind, these toys are a little bigger than classic mini figurines. And a special series of 200 pieces will be on sale from the Toytookyo stand at the SDCC. Here is the image of this creameux and milky Toy who will find taker very quickly during comic-con BuffMonster SDCC

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