Kaiju for Grown-UPS: Taberon de Tokidoki

taberon.jpg On the new side of Wonderwall, while their series "Kaiju for Grown-ups" is growing over the months, the artists who collaborate in this series are more and more, for proof the arrival of Tokidoki in the Wonderwall team. This Taberon is the first achievement of Tokidoki in the world of Kaiju, so no doubt that he will have a Kyrielle de Colorabitant of this sympathetic Kaiju who in my opinion is also to catalog in the radius "Kawai-ju" (both a Kaiju But with a cute side unlike Ugly Toys). There is enough to welcome to see that a designer who tends to do in the pure kawai can go clear from the new lands, which augurs from the good for the rest of his career in the Toy. And so Taberon? A species of Ganesh with flat feet that would have eaten a pacman ghost. The least we can say is that sufficiently eliminates the standard and marked universe of Simone Legro (tokidoki to the civil status) and that we get something original and endearing . We are waiting for a foot (naked in the flip flops) closes the release of this new character for the end of August. 200 rooms only have been produced.
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