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Article: Bye Bye Ariane from the Dorothée Club

Bye Bye Ariane du Club Dorothée

Bye Bye Ariane from the Dorothée Club

the September 2, 1987 first episode of the show, which will become worship, The Dorothée Club. Presented by Dorothée - Of course - Jacky, François Corbier, Patrick Simpson-Jones and now regretted Ariane Carletti She was a pop tidal wave on French television with the diffusion of cartoons straight from Japan and who - we know - have become great classics. Our great classics. The Knights of the Zodiac, Dragon Ball Z, Nicky Larson, Goldorak, Sailor Moon, Olive and Tom, Captain Flam, Cosmocats, Cobra, Minipouss, Inspector Gadget, The Mysterious Golden Cities, Astro Boy, Princess Sarah, Tom Sayer or Ninja turtles. Can not make an exhaustive list, it would be too long.

So yes, this morning is not joy by learning that Achiane, one of the most energetic animators of the 80's and 90's had died. With her it's a little bit of the Dorothy club that goes away and for us a little bit of our childhood memories. It must be said that between his songs of cartoons, his looks - inimitable - and his joie de vivre, Ariane reinforced this team of absolutely crazy animators who showed us TV otherwise.

Went, we give you the smile with this Ariane video singing dragon ball

Credits: TF1 / M. Seguin

Source: Huffington Post

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