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Article: Creepy Snoop Yohod Edition by side Escrivá X Thunder Mates

Creepy Snoop Yohood Edition par Coté Escrivá x Thunder Mates

Creepy Snoop Yohod Edition by side Escrivá X Thunder Mates

Following the news of the toy scene, you could not miss the work of the Spanish artist Escrivá side. Designer but also illustrator, it is necessary with a job with POP Culture and Street Art, giving a new image to famous characters; here it's Snoopy who sticks there.

Usually associate "Creepy" to Tales of crypt, who have this very bursting but very graphic aesthetic that we love since childhood. This Creepy Snoopy is neither scary nor pushing although he missed two tips, like skins. In that, we want it to be a Tantine "Creepy". Escrivá side therefore has a particular definition of this expression by revisiting the Beagle of the comic strip peanuts In a pink gradient, contrasting with his naked skeleton. Let's say that we find in this version a sweetness and tenderness often associated with Snoopy.

Presented at Yo''Hood Festival In Shanghai this week, this Creepy Snoop YoHood Edition 18 cm will be Available at 16h today (Paris time) on the site ofThundermates !

Credits: Thundermates

Source: Thundermates Instagram

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