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Article: Camille Walala X Lego, the crazy project based in London

Camille Walala x Lego, le projet fou basé à Londres

Camille Walala X Lego, the crazy project based in London

LEGO no longer stops surprising with collections and collaborations. Strong in questioning, the brick brand is still needed with an intergenerational target. This time it's with The French designer Camille Walala that she associates with the project House of Dots. Genuine color explosion and formal mix and match, this installation is bluffing. Representing a house, House of Dots is made of No less than 2 million Lego bricks. Yes, you read that right ! ThatChange buildings that you were doing in your child ...

Made at human size, this pop-up house based in King's Cross Shopping Center in London is a wonder of creativity. So you can visit it. But that's not all: the name Dot Na was chosen at random since it is the name of the new line of LEGO. Colorblock, it is articulated around a brick of a new kind, with different shapes, favoring a creativity without limits. For children, Dots will propose Bracelet kits or even Decoration sets who promise Beautiful Hours of Diy to your children. Something tells us that you trepigate about the exit and when we see the work of Camille Walala, it is not surprising.

So go on March 1st on The LEGO site to discover Dots.

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Credits: Lego / Camille Walala

Source: LEGO / Camille Walala Instagram

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