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Article: Mighty Jaxx, Juce Gace, Funko Pop ... discover what's new on the site !

Mighty Jaxx, Juce Gace, Funko Pop... découvrez les nouveautés sur le site !

Mighty Jaxx, Juce Gace, Funko Pop ... discover what's new on the site !

Please note the references will rain. If you are told Game of Thrones, Sesame Street, Looney Tunes, Marvel or Matt Groening, there is something to curl a brain; and for good reason they all belong to pop culture. And as we know that your collections are eclectic, the ranges vary. Let's start with Funko Pop, find for example the set of Daenerys and Jorah figurines during the Battle of Winterfell, several characters from the Marvel universe like Iceman, Beast or Cyclops, the nice team from Rick & Morty but also Maggie and Homer of the Simpsons. You have the choice ! And for those who are very fans of Matt Groening, we are told in the headset that the clique of Disenchantment is also there...

Let's go back a little more in the past with programs from our childhood. Elmo, Bert, Bernie, Count Vampirouette, if we evoke all these names with you, it is because the Sesame Street team has been reinterpreted by the artist Jason Freeny for Mighty Jaxx. In mini figurines, to be discovered in blind boxes, they can be collected without further delay. In addition 4 variants were hidden in the sets ... Of course, you all watched the Disney and surely you were touched by Pinocchio, the wooden puppet. Something tells us that Juce Gace's version is going to make you smile. Yep, as you Pinocchio has grown somewhat ... He must have told a big lie. A common point with A Vulgar Statement, the last figurine of Mr Clement which does not lack provocation.

With all these new toys, nostalgic people have what it takes to make tailor-made collections !

Credits : Artoyz

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