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Article: Punk is not Dead, Daft Punk is.

Capri c'est fini. Daft Punk aussi.

Punk is not Dead, Daft Punk is.

A bluish sky, a yellowish desert, a date, and two characters. The camera is on the shoulder. Not a sound, just that of the wind. Our two heroes are walking. One is in front with a decided step, the other is behind, more undecided. One stops. The other turns around, walks towards his friend, finds a small interface on his back, and starts a countdown before walking away. The seconds beep sounded until one of our two protagonists exploded. The music rings out, and the lone survivor walks off towards the horizon under a setting sun in a rather sublime still shot.

“Hold on If love is the answer you hold” will be the last words of this intriguing audiovisual project.

The scene would almost come out of a Sergio Leone movie and yet ... This is the announcement of the end of the Daft Punk project. In less than 8 minutes, this video made a lasting mark on the music world and will undoubtedly be analyzed in every way. Why this precise extract from the Electroma project (a film tribute to Gerry by Gus Van Sant dating from 2006)? Why this change in music from the original? Why this break with an a capella version of Touch? One member of the duo explodes, the other stays, why? Why leave now when the last album is probably the worst of the 4? So many questions that may never be answered.

So what is Daft Punk?

An electronic music duo composed of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo who has to his credit 4 albums in 28 years of activity (i.e. one album every 7 years), but also the music of a film (Tron : Legacy), clips made by big names like Michel Gondry, and even two films to their credit with Interstella 5555 and Electroma!

We will not insult you here to analyze the band's music, its subtleties, its evolutions, others will do it much better than us. On the other hand, a quick overview of Daft Punk at Artoyz seems relevant to us.


From Veridis Quo to Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger through Aerodynamic, we can say without getting too wet that Discovery is an album at least as cult as the outfits worn by the two artists.


Hedi Slimane is at the helm for the costumes of our two musicians for this album featuring the formidable Television Rules the Nation.


If we are careful not to talk about the cinematographic qualities of the second opus of Tron (since anyway there is none), we must recognize that the film has a high-quality soundtrack which even becomes diegetic on occasion of a scene in which Daft Punk make an appearance.


If the Daft Punk is a group that is listened to with certain pleasure, it is also a group that has developed over the decades a range of visual creations including costumes, costumes which were partly made by Hedi Slimane


Last album of the duo, Random Access Memories (or RAM for the intimate ones) is an album which can divide. Calmer, more pop, he abandons BPM for more jokes and especially messy collaborations.

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