Reveal of the new Artoyz Originals Figurine X Lucas Beaufort

There are invitations whose refusal is impossible or quasi-impossible. Whether it's a letter of Hogwarts, a donation contract Corleone or, in my particular case, a CDI of editor web at ARTOYZ (without this last propositionhave link with wizards or mafia)There are opportunities that life offers us and hottest in the heart.

Speaking of invitations, we propose to come to our shop located to 83 Faubourg Honored Saint 75001 Paris, for the reveal figurine ARTOYZ Originals.

We are not talking here about a figurine distributed by us and bought from a manufacturer, but of a project that has been in a long month and that we have designed from A to Z hand in hand with the artist Lucas Beaufort !

Graviting around the skatec culture, it was a real pleasure to be able to exchange with him and create a unique work that will please you for sure.

Piece of a whole range, which will be revealed later, this blue version of the figurine will be unveiled on Saturday 06 March in our shop in the presence of Lucas Beaufort which can therefore sign your copy of this exclusive figurine to ARTOYZ.

We are now waiting for you to
Saturday 06 March 2021 from 11 am to 5:30 pm In our shop located 3 rue Saint-Honoré -75001 Paris

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