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Article: Carrie Chau - The Black Sheep Exhibition (and Figure)


Carrie Chau - The Black Sheep Exhibition (and Figure)

 Black Sheep It is by seeking to know how much the kaws vader flippers were going to the excavations that I fell on this spilled project and on this Hong Kong artist named Carrie Chau (May I suspect to be a lady) and who exposed to the Time Square Shopping Center in Hong Kong (Causeway Bay) in September. The amazing figurine / sculpture that you see above is a piece made of stone and ceramic, 4.5 inches high for 5 inches long and limited to 200 pieces. Know that an ultimate 12-inch version has been on sale during the Expo but is part of it very quickly. This more affordable version is just as lovely. After I invite you to discover drawings and paintings of this incredible artist that will now take care carefully. Black Sheep Black Sheep Black Sheep Black Sheep Poster Expo The Black Sheep Expo Expo Expo Expo Expo Expo Expo Another One Toy limited 12 inches Sheep Sculptures Paper mache ? The anecdote that everyone speaks is that this young lady is able to draw both hands simultaneously. The class. Thanks eBay and Tactac Altertoys

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