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Article: FAUNA by Nathan Jurevicius


FAUNA by Nathan Jurevicius

Gnagna updates, gnagna novelties, gnagna blog, gnagna kaws vader ... yeah yeah yeah but good there is me who complains of my lack of updates, no one would dare gnagnate because I'm bigger than you, and Then you know that the return has been difficult and busy with a climax last Thursday at Shop Artoyz Paris with the Double Event. As I like to please myself (this is not an ode to masturbation) as much as I attack this doors and already painful month of October with a project that makes my pupils dilate without even having pumped hydroponics: FAUNA. Announced as a co-branded MTV Canada project (why not), 3 figurines created by the very talented Nathan jurevicius. Sparkling shapes, bizarroid animals, bright paintings. One step forward. FAUNA 1 Take me the tongue I'll show you my turquoise epidermis and my hematite eyes. I never thought that I could be attracted by a figurine with a dead Rascasse tronch and I must admit that I was wrong. Attitudes and non-conventional poses, even in our universe sometimes a little too coded, it blows from time to time a wind of freshness in branches and bronchies and the "other unidentified organs" of these inhabitants. FAUNA 2 This character dripping with black hands and a bud on the head still shows us new directions in the Nathan brain. The realization seems perfect, the details are numerous and I must say that I will be delighted to have like him extra paws at the level of heels. FAUNA 3 I do not know what you will find under the tree this year, perhaps this character whose facies is quite familiar with the gray / rose color keys already exploited in the Kidrobot Mini series exit this year. 350 sets, which largely tired a little Roger Federer but who should fill lovers of beautiful strange things. Hoping to see other even more dingual variants. Exit scheduled for the end of October.

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