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Article: CLOWN CONE METAL Figure by Gary Baseman


CLOWN CONE METAL Figure by Gary Baseman

I love ice but not clowns, I like metal but not blingbling. My ass would be stuck between two chairs that it would not surprise me. If I did not like Gary Baseman We would be fixed but the boy is friendly to me, and then his volumes are pleasant. FULLY VISUAL Specialized for some time in the adaptations of figurines in this original material and gives a new dimension to the most active US Toymakers creations of the scene. Votell, Ledbetter, Chueh, Kozik, Huck Gee, Bwana Founded Spoons and with varying finishes for quite exciting renders and .... original. Having been able to judge the intrinsic quality of these products, we will satisfy ourselves to recognize the amazing work on these projects and the CLOWN CONE From Gary Baseman is proof that we can still innovate on many aspects. The different color renders (Gold, Nickel, Sliver, Copper) within one and the same figurine will leave no one of marble (when from the marble holds?). 6 inches for this "Toy" who, frankly, impresses. 100 pieces.

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