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Article: Hidef by Kano


Hidef by Kano

The quality of certain figurines is sometimes inversely proportional to the talent of the illustrator. It's bad, but it's like that. Far from me so the idea of ​​inserting the paintings, illustrations or other scribbles of the Newyork Kanobut his figurines are a little more interesting legitimate. After a first light test, Moneygrip, and a second release a little more convincing even if outrageously connoted, Bodega, it today offers us a 3rd vinyl called Hidef, no doubt in tribute to the Dog of Uderzo with a name a little will cater. "I'm a success for Black Mate X Shiny Black" and even if we are facing a street-robot figurine a little swayed, at least the young man who probably has to sleep too close to a photo of Michael Lau in Nike bath underpants (pronounced Nail-Ki, Eh yeah it's ridiculous huh?) Shows a great momentum of nostalgia of the era of the urban vinyl (pronounced Eur-Beune Vaille-Neul, it's still more funny huh?). However, everything is not to throw in this 10-inch Toy, if we take off the jacket you can do something nice. He has his little batch of vinyls under his arm. Well it's a beautiful amalgam of nystreet / backpackers My Vinyl Weights in your 90s but we are all a little nostalgic of this time we have not known for real down there dfon. Let him leave his luck. And then wait for gray versions and maybe color ooooooo. I blame you I have to take a tour at Fat Beats Tiens.

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