Creepy Popeye by side Escrivá and Thundermates

Pokeye. A name that resonates in us since childhood but already 90 years old. It was in 1929 that it is discovered in the Comic Strip entitled The Thimble Theater With its over-developed forearms and well tempered character. A custom popular character that pleases so much to the artists they each deliver their vision, as Escrivá side with Thundermates. The illustrator, based in Valencia, is known for its diversion of pop icons, including those from cartoons: Bart Simpson, Mickey Mouse, Bob The Sponge ...

Yet this is our gentleman retro muscles that sees itself portrayed in the style of Escrivá side. Creepy, This is the adjective associated with the Popeye figurine created with Thundermates. And for good reason, The Popeye Skeleton is bare in places, thus respecting the visual codes of the universe of Escrivá side. We had to see what all these spinach were used! But do not deceive yourself, this Creepy Popeye figurine keeps its chromatic markers, to please the fans of the sailor as to the fans of Escrivá side. A beautiful pop collaboration that comes alive with a poly-resin figurine of about 22 cm, edited to 300 pieces.

Credits:Escrivá / Thundermates

Source: Thundermates Instagram

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