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Article: Last color for the Alëxone Beastie Head figurine !

Dernière couleur pour la figurine Beastie Head d’Alëxone !

Last color for the Alëxone Beastie Head figurine !

Initially sculpted by Yomek, this massive penguin with a charming look and a rocker soul, wearing a weasel ending in a banana constitutes for Artoyz Originals a new exploration in terms of production. Beastie Head is obviously keen on music as evidenced by his smiley headphones. A fictional personality like the work of his artist Alëxone. Whether it's his bestiary with the penguin, the marten, the dog birds, or this mastery of composition, Alëxone's work seems concentrated in this figurine with fabulous chromatic accents. Red, this will be his last color; it complements the others in the series. Unlike previous editions of Artoyz Originals, Beastie Head is distinguished by its material, by the exclusivity of its limitations and the chromatic complexity. Each version is limited to 50 pieces.

Besides, this is not the only thing that distinguishes Beastie Head from the rest of our collaborations cause' is more than 30 cm high and weighs almost 6 kg. A large piece to discover in a very sober case imagined by the artist and is accompanied by a numbered wooden certificate signed by Alëxone. A powerful way to enter the universe of surreal, colorful and crazy characters of the artist. Influenced by graffiti, pop culture, comics or even Byzantine art and illustration, Alëxone summons everyday icons as much as large paintings, all with a touch of humor and irony. This rare and precious second degree allows Alëxone to retain a lightness in the most serious work, which will please art lovers as well as the curious. We let you judge with Beastie Head Red, the latest of our great collaboration with Alëxone.

Credits : Artoyz Originals / Alëxone

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