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Article: Da Fighter by Tim Tsui


Da Fighter by Tim Tsui

Tim Tsui's da Fighter Wow, already? When Tim came to Paris for the Expo Da Minci Tour a few weeks ago, he had shown us a sculpture of a new project, stating that it would be very fast ... but also quickly? Mazette. Da Fighter, Name of this new project unveiled at Taipei Toy Festival, is a cross between a canid, a robot and a gladiator. The "quickly made" on the side of the Sukerru Kun for the few peaks and translucent effects, the style of this figurine is totally stampsque with a touch of freshness welcome. The sculpture is very clean and well detailed, something to which Tim already accustomed us, we love or do not like style. This confirms that there will be no other versions of Da Warrior as we press (good deal for those who have chopped the Blood Diamond version, sold-out). Tim Tsui's da Fighter

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