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Article: Jukebot - "The Hard Sell" (DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist)


Jukebot - "The Hard Sell" (DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist)

Jukebot When two of the riders of the most respected disc (francized expression for disc jockey, not impossible that Quebeckers have already done it), in this case DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, design a musical project with strong visual identity and live performance at the key, kids rejoice. A few years after the indispensable Product Placement and Brainfreeze, the two friends have redoubled their efforts to conceive the project The Hard Sell. And when these two entertainers decide to melt all this energy in a vinyl figurine, we can only adoble this initiative. Especially since we know the quality of the entourage of the curators, no disappointment in sight. Jukebot Print What's then? This is Jukebot, a resolutely fun figurine who fails a good big pump shot in the technology fion materialized by a cloud of iPods as evidenced by the posters of their live performance. This is Paul Insect (notably author of the pocket of The Outsider, last lp studio of shadow) who imagined the character based on the images of Ben Stokes (Director, Creator of Visuals, Veejay, Animator and more). Sculpture and prod has been left to Klim of Bigshot Toysworks For an official exit these days. Jukebot Pay your arms and legs articulated on this vengeful jukebox, determined to bring the small electronic swallowes of the apple firm. The lasers rays will not leave the eyes of the Mecha, no sound will not come out of the hatches of the beast, but instead of a good release of 7 inches high produced in 500 ex. Who will fill the demanding Turntablism fans and project enthusiasts over the cross (cross-over, ok I conceded to you that is archi-zero, Quebeckers will hate me).

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