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Article: Dadballs, Love your balls by Abiebi or the funny upside down

Dadballs, Love your balls d'Abiebi ou l'upside down cocasse

Dadballs, Love your balls by Abiebi or the funny upside down

It seems that dear Homer lost something on the way... Isn't it Abiebi ? The Indonesian artist is again enjoying the Simpsons character with a new version of his Dadballs figurine. Lacking his nose and eyes, Homer finds his face at the crotch. If one knows the expression "to have the eyes larger than stomach" no one know "to have the eyes under the stomach". A small specialty of Abiebi who also re-works Bart, Astro Boy or Cuphead image...

Already presented in yellow, Homer returns in a pink version of Dadballs, Love your balls ! This 7,4" figurine shows a naked Homer, swinging arms and expressionless ... well, except about the eyes. Available for purchase on a first sale of 15 pieces, Dadballs, Love your balls is sold for $155 this Saturday, March 6 at 3 p.m. (Paris time) on the Abiebi website. As for the second sale, nothing communicated for the moment. We leave you with the pop universe of the Indonesian artist.

Credits : Abiebi 

Source : Abiebi / The Toy Chronicle 

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