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Article: Creature Bazaar, the new American Convention of Toys rising

Creature Bazaar, la nouvelle convention américaine de toys qui monte

Creature Bazaar, the new American Convention of Toys rising

A new arrival makes its jump in the large bath of ultra-pointed conventions of Toys and designer toys: Creature Bazaar. Initiated by Quang the and Brandon Bradford, Creature Bazaar intends to register in the calendar of toys, who have already planned to scan the biggest Californian appointments, such as the SDCC or the Designer. Besides, the small last account is well imposed thanks to His main theme that turns around KaijuThis scary and ubiquitous monster in Japanese films since the 50's. Well seen to focus its offer on a mono-product but if you thought it stopped there is you deceive.

Creature Bazaar offers as well The sale of new toys than vintage toys ! A real plus for the collectors of always who will also be able to initiate the collectors of a day come dragging their curiosity under the sun of California. With such prestigious names as 3Dré, James GROMAN, Paul Kaiju, Unobox Indurs, Alex PARDEE or DKE TOYS, who only open the way to a richer list still, she has everything good. Of course if you can not Give yourself to the Glendale Civic Auditorium in California on April 3rd and 4th Go follow the outings and info directly on the Instagram account Creature Bazaar.

Credits: Creature Bazaar

Source: Creature Bazaar / Vinyl Pulse

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