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Article: David Horvath> Bossy Bear, Uglydoll, Turtle, Yoya, Crocadoca ...


David Horvath> Bossy Bear, Uglydoll, Turtle, Yoya, Crocadoca ...

Busy. Get ready for a tsunami David Horvath in the next weeks. Besides, it has already literally invested the big apple with multiple events, whose pell-mixes a presence during the New York Comic Con, an Expo with Dehara at Giant robot (Dehararvath 2), and tonight a Bossy Bear Party at Yoyamart To celebrate the output of Turtle above, in the versions below. The Bossy Bear Turtle will be available in 5 Glow In Dark, as so many preludes to the imminent arrival of a new small vinyl bomb of simplicity and rare efficiency. Do not belong our face, the young man is a designer accomplished with a chara-formula in every paw. Your new best friend Turtle will see the day - under different versions and sizes - with the help of TOY2R, and it is a new comrade of the name of Crocadoca who will join them in the stride. Long malignant the seasoned zoologist who will tell me what representative of the animal cause it is. A kind of taupe-crocodile? A potato tapir? A hawker with the Bossian gaze whose father-in-law is dentist? The Yoya mascot at Yoyamart is also revisited with a version of the outsolded square space and a colorful version that makes a little bad eyes. And finally, besides the new OX colors, Horvath will release a series of Uglydoll action figures, with the whole family (SISI) plastic soft, in blind box, and otherwise more successful than the vinyls outputs at CritterBox a few years ago. Very good plastic porting my faith. Are you in New York tonight? Remember to bring me back a nice scarf, and go from 6PM Local Time see David at Yoyamart :

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