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Article: Debilz by Mist> June 20th


Debilz by Mist> June 20th

Debilz by Mist It's the mini series of Mist for Kidrobot Finally a date! It is in barely more than a month that will land the characters well Debiliz In this collection adapting diabolically cute characters and bringing a touch of freshness with these little short chenapans on legs. We find the adaptation of certain sculptures like that of the bonss in bikini, but also the head of the orus with a much more crayoned design and with more cartoon treatment than its classic vinyls. A few cools, graffitic reminiscences, friendly accessories (whips, knob, trident) and apple crooks or other carnivorous plants will complete this series that is well named. To become you too debilz it will be necessary to wait on June 20th!

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