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Article: Dragon Boy by Sam Flores


Dragon Boy by Sam Flores

Mordus Sam Flores That we are, suprise and happy we were when sometimes we saw the prototype of a new figurine of the Californian artist. While a new exhibition of Flores is currently taking place at Subliminal project, the latter had the sweet idea to restart the machine to be painted on vinyl and offer us an unprecedented character inspired by one of his last canvas. Beyond the general appearance that is familiar to us (character with long hands curled up, bearing on his head an animal skin or long hair that would discourage a Jean-Louis David at best of his form), he proposes here with Dragon boy A powerful sculpture accompanied by two inseparable elements to the character, which give the impression that the dragon fleets in the clouds. Strong idea and original rendering, the character arrives after Tigerbaby and FatimaLongtime sold-out as we say at home. The production is provided by The Loyal Subjects, which also took care of Walrus Version Alex PARDEE, and which seems to be the Toy Division of Upper Playground. To believe the painting one could imagine that a feminine version can see the day, or at least one color varies at least. To us the final quest for this splendid character of 10 inches, without any damn crystal ball, needed to emphasize it. Wait September to have a clear heart, and in the meantime discover the incredible new paintings of Sam Flores (as well as other photos of Dragon Boy) for the gallery of Los Angeles who prove, if some still doubted, that he plays In the pros.

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