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Article: Hug hug soha by tikka ng


Hug hug soha by tikka ng

Here is the next figurine produced by G999. Imagined by the Hong Kong artist Tikka NG This cute little boy 8 inches high will be limited to 50 copies and will be packaged in a beautiful wooden box! Soha was the term used in China to designer babies. And so it's a baby we have to do with this G999 production. Soha is here in traditional underwear, with dragon and embroidered tiger, and wears a lucky red bracelet at the foot. The little boy opens his arms because he wants a big hug and as said Tikka NG himself: "Without taking into account the age, sex or even nationality, to be loved is a human and natural desire sought by all the The world. The man wants to live with love and this is the definition of "love" in the Chinese Confucianism. " The character of Soha is part of the world of Tikka Ng with also his other hero Long Jian-Fei and was part of his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong "Journey to the east" which was visible throughout the month of May. A style as we love them, a superb small production made with love and polystone. More pictures of the artist's figurine and illustrations in the rest of the post. The site of Tikka NG

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