Controversy in the Kingdom of Designer!

Controversy in the Kingdom of Designer! It could not escape you!? During the pascal weekend, while we were looking for chocolate eggs, a real civil war inflamed the canvas!

It all started on Instagram with the cliché of Jason Freeny showing the public his next custom, the emblematic figurine of Kawns The companion half dissected. What can be considered a great tribute, is not at all from the side of the artist Kaws criticized with Jason Freeny from being well inspired by his dissected companion. The cloth burns between the 2 artists. Knowing that one proposed the release of his new Toy in the form of half-dissecrated chocolate Easter and the second announced the exit to the scarlet colors the blush Companion.   Simple buzz or real tribute from Jason Freeny, for you to judge. For more information about this follow The link on TOYSREVIL's blog.

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