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Article: Matte Mat, Matte Paint: The 2017 Substance 3D Painting Contest

Meet MAT, Paint MAT: The 2017 Substance 3D Painting Contest

Matte Mat, Matte Paint: The 2017 Substance 3D Painting Contest

Behind this intriguing title is a virtual custom contest! Artoyz has the immense privilege of sponsoring the original Allegorithmic contest! Before talking about the contest, you already have to present the company that is behind.

Allegorithmic is therefore a company based in Clermont-Ferrand that develops graphic tools for video game design among others. Its code name: substance, the special video game video game that has been used for Videoludic blockbusters such as Final Fantasy XV, Dishonored 2, Watch Dogs 2 and even Uncharted 4 to name only them!

The world said: "Concretely, substance is a software for plating textures on 3D wire models. The three-dimensional graphics elements of a game take the form of a simple skeleton, before artists come to affix skin or material, with some specific properties: reflection of light, opacity, shine ... So many elements that will differentiate a pebble from a veil, a beard of an armor, etc "
It is therefore using this software that participants will be able to create their matte virtual custom!
You will find all The rules of the contest on the site And you will be able to visualize the different creations with the hashtag # MeetMat17 from social networks. You have until May 11 at 23:59 pst to participate.
If you figure among the talented winners, the following lots are at stake: the complete collection of the 22 Alpha Series, a Story Killers: Little Red Riding Hood, an elements do it yourself (do it yourself) and a mallow margin . We only have to wish you good luck, that the best wins! We can not wait to admire your creations !!!

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