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Article: Dunny Series 4


Dunny Series 4

Dunny S4 Teasing Ad

I was intimately persuaded that before the Kidrobot SDCC would propose to visitors the primeur of the series 4 of the Dunny as they had done the previous year. Finally they announced the exit for late September, starting to distill images in full months of August. Everyone can be wrong huh .... Except this new series does not seem obviously involve (too much) of errors. In full months of August! As the summer daily newspapers make their main titles on the mood states of flat water swimmers, the balloon championship, the future stars of penitentiary institutions or on climate disasters, how could I know?!

Far from any wiring you will understand that I post the news with a few days late.

Dunny Series 4

Background: Joe Ledbetter, Thomas Han, Jon Burgerman

Middle: Koa, David Flores, Nico Berry, Mist, Tara McPherson

Foreground: Mad Barbarian, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Kozik, Mad, Baseman, Shane Jessup, Twelve Car Poneup.

Not on image: Sket One, Dalek, Huck Gee, Shane Jessup (Chase) and Kozik (Golden Ticket)

The line-up is powerful as a SUV approaching a steep side of a Yaoundé hill.

Koa and Mad

Koa and Mist will represent our hood among these rabbits and according to the first findings in hand hands, the quality is nickel chrome ... hoping of course that none of these two materials served to the manufacture of Dunny. All your favorite and hated designers have put their hands at the pallet to serve you what is best ... while waiting for the next series visit on September 27 for the launch of the series at Artoyz.

David Flores + Sket One Chase

What do you think ? What designs do you tiller? The comments are there for that, do not be shy.

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