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Article: Dunny Mist 20 inch


Dunny Mist 20 inch

Mist Dunny 20 Inches

You will not tell you anything by telling you that the French artists have the other side of the Atlantic, Kidrobot ensured for a few months the services of good number of our compatriots (Tilt, der, Koa ...). While we murmur that a French series of Dunny is in preparation with KR, the inevitable Mist It benefits from its majesty and take advantage of the opportunity to present a new corpulent project like the back of a hippopotamus but significantly less wet and fragrant.

This re-entry project is on a dunny 20 inch, until then the most copious of the vinyls of the robot child and who did not spend the course of overexploitation with outrage (I speak of this format precisely, hear us well). In a few touches of spray we recognize the Mist style easily and one looks forward to learning that this big guy enjoys a phosphorescent painting. In contrast to the Glow in the Dark of TOY2R for example, where the plastic itself is Glow in Dark, it is indeed the blue painting that will reflect protons and other bright molecules, which I do not unfortunately have all Technical specificities because no, I am not chemist or engineer, sorry. Knowing that Irtoyz will have, I look forward to seeing the rendering of blue in the dark.

300 pieces will come out from the factories shortly and one will be able to check in person that the beast is not aggressive from September 13th.

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