Erik Parker X AllRightsresservd present future

Erik Parker had already collaborated with AllrightsReserved on Woke, a wooden pyramid. Yet it's with a bigger model, Future, that he comes back today. Quasi twice as big, this new colored sculpture is built in several sections, each can turn on itself. It's a bit the idea of ​​the exquisite corpse but with the works of a single artist. You see it the setting in Abyme?

Always wooden, future multiplies possible visual combinations leaving the full extent of the Erik Parker world, between figuration and abstraction. Besides, it does not remind you of something? The friezes, the pyramid ... It seems that the artist was inspired by the logic of the artistic compositions of the Egyptians. Here no hieroglyphs but the words "Future" and "World", as a call a little more punk. Edited only 18 pieces, Future ofErik Parker X AllrightsReserved Also delivered in a wooden box with a signed and numbered authenticity certificate.

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