The little coarse travel and popmart travel returned into two series!

5 animals and 1 cactus. It's the joyful band that form the Little traveling, characters imagined by Coarse and Popmart. Rather accustomed to large formats Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk, COARSE DUO, let themselves go to series of mini figurines today in number of 5. and it is number 4 and number 5 that attract our attention ... named Chapter 4 - Little Travel Sub-Zero and Chapter 5 - Little Travel Heatwave!These two Series are in total contrast, which makes them complementary.

The first, sub-zero, shows our little traveling in cold countries where negative temperatures make the law. We find Raccoon, Cactus, Cat, Frog, Fish and Hamster Covered with warm clothes, cups on the head and gloves on the hands. It even seems like Hamster to the tongue glued on his ice! Yet it's good heatwave!, The Second Serie Little Voyever that echoes in us right now ... Eh yes, it's summer ... like These little characters of 9 cm We do not dream of fine sand and stretch of water. So a little patience because these series Coarse xPopmart will soon be on our site.

Credits: Popmart / Coarse

Source: Popmart Instagram

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