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Article: Focus on News Kidrobot

Focus sur les nouveautés Kidrobot

Focus on News Kidrobot

The novelties are linked but are not alike and that's all the more true withKidrobot ! You must be used to their flagship character, Dunny, at the head with very rounded curves and tubular ears. It returns to several models, including the 12 designs of The Serie 1 Keith Haring, taking up the most cool and famous works of the artist. But if the art of the 20th century is not too much your cup of tea, then the8 "Dunny Gashadokuro will surely take your curiosity!

From Japanese folklore, this dunny at the almost ghostly pace is formed of a transparent hull containing an embroidered dunny plush. Perfect for Halloween ... by somewhere speaking of October 31, no doubt you will love you surround yourself mini figurines the Simpsons de laTree House of Horror Series Who will not fail to remind you of all the special episodes of Matt Groening's show. And to complete the painting, as much to use other characters Simpsons like the duo of figurines ITCHY & SCRATCHY, Characters of TV show Lighthouse and Lisa. To discover them? See you just here !

Credits: Kidrobot / Artoyz

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