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Article: Os Gemieos exposes himself to the pinacotheque of São Paulo

Os Gêmeos s'expose à la Pinacothèque de São Paulo

Os Gemieos exposes himself to the pinacotheque of São Paulo

OS OK Or twins in French, is a duet of Brazilian artists who has made street art one of his major disciplines with the facilities, taking them to a 3D creation. To give all the opportunity to explore their universe, The pinacotheque of São Paulo Deads them a very great exhibition until 2021. So yes we know that times are not yet traveling but who knows, you may have the opportunity to go there. Named Segredos (Secrets in French), this exhibition brings together more than 1000 objects - some of which never seen in Brazil - but also others that you will surely recognize.

Composed as a retrospective, Segredos offers the duet the possibility of investing 7 Pinacotheque rooms in São Paulo thus echoing their creations in the public space be it orders or pure street art. Large scale, The creations of Os Gemieos want to be accessible to all By playing with spaces of space and everyday life, like creating the bodies of their famous yellow characters from silos to Vancouver, for example. Between dreams and reality, Os Gemieos gives rise through works of their artistic birth to others more recent. Initiatory courses between colors and volumes, the exhibition Segredos of Os Nee at thePinacotheque of São Paulo East A must-have who can leave partly see on the museum's account.

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