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Article: Focus on Candies Toxic ...


Focus on Candies Toxic ...

A month ago, we decided to launch the Kickstarter adventure to promote and get you involved in developing our new collection of Toxic Candies, namely apple of love and berry. It is with a deep sadness that the Artoyz team announces the cancellation of the Kickstarter project. But do not worry, we will not stop there! In life, you have to take a step back to move forward! We will come back to you, fans toxic candy, Stéphane Levallois, Artoyz and beautiful figurines !!! 5Effe36FE6B4E3C7B8C6996384aade34_original berry-plus-apple IMG_8324   In Month Ago, We Decided to Embark on Kickstarter's Adventure to Promote and make you participate in the development of our New Toxic Candies Collection, Namely love apple and berry. It is with great Sadness That ArtoGez Team Announced The Cancellation of Kickstarter Project. Goal do not worry we will not stop there! In Life You Have to Take A Step Back for Move Foward! WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU, FANS OF TOXIC CANDY, STEPHANE LEVALLOIS, ARTOYZ AND BEAUTIFUL TOYZ !!! Stay Tuned!

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Allez-vous nous proposer à la vente Liquorice et Sweety?

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