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Article: The World of Tim Burton X Michael Lau


The World of Tim Burton X Michael Lau

It is in November that the exhibition will start "The World of Tim Burton" in Hong Kong and for that the talented Michael Lau launches a Crowfunding campaign in order to reinvent 2 characters from the imagination of Tim Burton: Balloon Boy And Maxx. The exhibition "The World of Tim Burton" In Hong Kong Will Start in November that's why the talented Michael Lau Launch A Crowfunding Campaign to Reinvent 2 Characters from Tim Burton's imagination: Balloon Boy and Maxx. 650_DyMymzartqiykvoFDBMJG_650 Frame 04 14590279_10154622728474324_2737355901579597928_n 14671344_10154653573224324_5892346717026742423_n If you want more explanations: If you look for more details: [embed][/embed]

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