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Article: Fools Paradise = [27: Fool's] by Double Line & G999


Fools Paradise = [27: Fool's] by Double Line & G999

Do not believe that the world of Toy is frozen or static. There are those who wave their arms, make noise and play the trumpet so that they are noticed, and there are those who are quietly, step by step, output out, without spranging things and without trying to become Next Big Thing. And it may be the best way to become one. G999 is a structure created by Patrick Chow, and Double line is the label of one of the old Boredom Squeezer, Alan ng. Together they create a common label 27: Fool's In order to get new and typed projects from a comic book entitled Fool's Paradise. A kind of new wave of HK TOYDESIGN? Maybe. If we look more closely at the first outputs of the label, we discover a character (in brief and with a too big) intriguing and unique sweater: Kids. A touch of madness that is not without reminding some pieces of Michael Lau from another era, with the use of a rare material in the middle of the toydesign (but not the licensed toy): the polystone. This material has as a particularity to be a mix between plastic resins and stone. This stone is reduced to dust and assimilated with resins and that is why the rendering is fine and soft, halfway between porcelain and stone, less heavy, however. The polystone allows you to perfectly capture the smallest details of the sculptures, and the fact that it is cold worked allows a preservation of perfect paints in time [/school] Another project a Plus Pop hair and yet less accessible: Mikustars PUP, 6-inch figurines with a very affirmed look (Zarb skirt, fluo-fifolles, Mercury Helmets revisited), joints and an attitude for the least unpublished. Everything seems interchangeable at leisure. No particular background for these characters. Just for fun! And the last realization is it for the shot significantly more impressive and bold. GENERAL ZOO is a thick and battling type, while resin. Half and bone depicated on a broad fringe, the general that measures 22cm is therefore a beautiful baby cut in half. The left side represents the body wrapped in a beautiful armor with large babines and a tubnasse that would pass a baby rocker for a well-hated child. It is covered with a kind of orange armor. So far nothing but the photos can hide. But come to the incredible innovation that makes this character ultimate: the magnets. Indeed, each of the parts are connected to each other by magnets and it is very simple to disassemble / upstate each of the skeletal members of the left part. The head, the foot and the hand of the "real" part is removable also and managed in the same way. Absolutely awesome ! The magnets react super good, everything seems guided naturally and without forcing everything comes back to its original place. The version you are currently discovering is entitled "Injury" And it is limited to 27 pieces only. A standard version (understand by the less bloody) "Origins" just released and is limited to 270 pieces: And know that we work closely with these crazy Hong Kong for an Artoyz version very soon (54 pieces). Discover the world of G999 and Double line And you can read the first two chapters of the comic strip Fool's Paradise which takes place in an asylum with our two protagonists Kids and General Zoo.

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