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Article: Amanda Vesell New Toys


Amanda Vesell New Toys

2010 The Year Vesell? A flop of new projects imagined by Amanda Vesell will see the day in the coming weeks, and we rejoice in advance! There will be a mini series (Tic Toc Apocalypse) Full of mystical creatures and half-gods, with also two three dwarves rather debilo-cool. Amanda's gimmicks are here: the eyes closed for the majority of characters, "worn" textures, and art illustrations Old-School Cartoon. A superb mini series, very faithful to the style of Amanda, which seems in view of the photos of very good invoice; You can discover the images of the 14 creatures a little lower in this message. We will also soon find a Dunny 20 inch ZEBRACORN, which will be the portage of his dunny from the fatal series. 200 pieces, we will have some some race! And to conclude, evoke the plush with a silky and hairy rabbit tronch that seems endowed with enormous ears. A PREVIEW PIC was posted by Paul de Kidrobot on his blog, discover that below. For the mini series and the Dunny it will be for next month, get ready for the Votell invasion (Wazy Waza).

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