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Article: Gardener Still - Michael Lau Csbooth15


Gardener Still - Michael Lau Csbooth15

CSBOOTH 15 It's Time for a New Michael Lau Presentation! At the first weekend of July some will be at the Bread and Butter of Barcelona (the Artoyz team for example), others will be perhaps to demonstrations as different as the Japan Expo, at the World Video Games, the Eurockannes of Belfort, at the wedding of your best primary friend who now is a hedious character, at the evening of Cathy Guetta at the Stade de France, at the village party of your great uncle in Sologne, or, or, or so, or , If you have the opportunity and the financial means, at the Michael Gallery In the Quarry Bay neighborhood in Hong Kong! As with custom Michael Lau will present unpublished vinyls from his world Gardner, more unexpected releases and immense paintings. In addition to the exit for years of the character of 049 Jordon, we discovered a new transformation of the famous BB in 2BB1This time in the 2001 Odyssey Astronautical Costume of Kubrick's space (not toys see, the director). One can further know a little bit before the event but in the meantime check the throngs of these 6 '' Gardener who will undoubtedly give you mouth water: CSBOOTH 15 CSBOOTH 15

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