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Article: Medicom Expo '08 @ parco - 400% Layered Wood Be @ rbrick


Medicom Expo '08 @ parco - 400% Layered Wood Be @ rbrick

400% Layered Wood BB Fourth Seventh Bearbrick 400% Wooden After including KAWS Bwwt, KAWS X Nexus 7 and 10-year exhibition, and once again the limits of the technology multiplying the layers and different types of wood. For the occasion it's the prestigious house Karimoku, specialized in wooden furniture with a know-how and a Bluffante technology mastery, which offers on the occasion of the annual Expo of Medicom at Parco a 400% Bearbrick which will illuminate your long winter evenings, which you put it on your fireplace, or inside. I advise you this last option, however. Apart from this last technological feat, Medicom is working on a stainless steel room. They will come to get out of a Bear in magma or in hot water one day, I'm sure they have already thought about it. This small wooded jewel will release 150 copies, and the price will undoubtedly be at least tripled on Sunday on the second market sites. What is beautiful all the same.

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