HR Giger: Alien and boys

Curious countries that Switzerland. An unattractive political and military neutrality, she saw Henri born from, Zep, Stephan Eicher or the sublime Ursula Andress who, coming out of the water in James Bond against Dr. No, Debase Sean Connery, but also the viewer.

If the temptation to write one day an article on 007 or the Swiss chocolate is strong, today we will focus on a plasticist, graphic designer, sculptor, illustrator and renowned designer: Hans Ruedi Giger.

Passionate from childhood by fantastic, surrealism and creatures, Hans will follow architectural and industrial design studies before making several documentary short films.
And then in 1975, Alejandro Jodorowsky prepares an adaptation of the Dune of Frank Hebert. Salvador Dali is at the casting (with Orson Welles and Mick Jagger), the latter will recommend Giger to the Chilean director and here is propelled to the head of the artistic direction with Moebius / Jean Giraud.

Too ambitious, too long, too expensive, too crazy, too much, the film will never be done and will remain a unique project in the history of seventh art. If you are interested in this story, a very nice documentary on the subject is called Jodorowsky's Dune and comes back on the subject while on the side of the comic, the Saga the Incal (with Moebius still) contains many ideas of Dune.

If 10 years later, the film Dune concretizes under the camera of a David Lynch that we knew more inspired, Giger is no longer attached to the project.
What does it matter since in 1979, it is approximate again by a young director named Ridley Scott. Still approacored jointly with Moebius (because of Scott's devouring passion for the screaming metal magazine, magazine that will make him out of the way out of a special Alien number at the time of the exit of the film), he finds himself to designer The creature and the movie's vessel Alien while Moebius leaves the project by leaving some preparatory drawings.
Inspired by the Necronom IV table, the creature is violent, sexuous (phallic face, oral rape), biomechanical but fascinating.

Real revolution, this creation will share with the rest of the team the oscar of special effects in 1980!

If the various suites modify the creature to make it always more organic, Giger does not remain the man in a single work and continues to produce nightmares prolific and in various forms.
It will be found by the creation of the microphone for Jonathan Davis (the Korn singer), the scenography of a Mylene Farmer tour, on preparatory drawings for Batman Forever, on two Supreme skateboards, to the Generic From the movie The mutant, or on those of video games Dark Seed 1 and 2!

To see original works by Giger today, the easiest way is to take a ticket for Gruyères and go to the HR Giger Museum, which brings together more than 500 works by the artist.

Although deceased in 2014, the work of Giger continues to passionate. If you want to dig the character and his work, two references of references are available on the site with on one side "Alien: all the archives" which devotes himself only to the cult Franchise and the other Giger, a work sum of Taschen dedicated to the artist more globally.

Find here

Find here

Finally, in April 2021, we are proud to offer you four new models of Bearbrick to the effigy of the artist's so friendly style.

Bearbrick 1000% White Version


Bearbrick 1000% Black Version


Bearbrick 400% + 100% White Version


Bearbrick 400% + 100% Black Version

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