Gorillas in the tune.

Do you know 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs and Noodle? May be. Have you ever crossed them? Surely never. And for good reason, they are only virtual and are the 4 members of Gorillaz Group.

For this unique group, everything starts in 1997 with the meeting between Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlet.

The first is already at the time singer and leader (more or less disputed) of the Rock Blur group, while the second is, since 1991, the draftsman of the excellent series of tank girl comics.

Although leaving on bases for the least friable ("Albarn is an asshole, a wanker" will say Hewlett.) These two become roommates. Assiduous Spectators of MTV at the time, they discover what for them is like creative nothingness. They decide then to found a group of animation that would be a comment of all this vain effervescence with first musicians, Les The Funky homosapien, Kid Koala and Dan The Automator who join Albarn.

In 2000, "Tomorrow Comes Today" appears without the musicians mentioned. As the group gains popularity, the mystery around the creators of this UFO passionate more and more crowds.

Pushed by promotional booklets and a website that allows to visit the Kong Studios (Gorillaz House), the Group explodes in 2001 with the single clint Eastwood which becomes an iconic tube.

In 2005, Demon Days arrives, the group's second album and the group's fictitious story resumes while they had settled in a big house on Hollywood Hills to create a movie on them. Beatles, its samples from movies like zombie and other music from Luke or Daft Punk, Dirty Harry who still evokes Clint Eastwood, and especially the incredible featuring with Soul for Feel Good Inc., this album is a key one that ranks immediately in the wind tops of several countries (five platinum disk in the United Kingdom, double disk platinum in the United States).

2005, it is also the year to which Kidrobot will produce its first Gorillaz figures in several versions before reiterating the experience with three new series that will emerge a year later.

5 years later, in 2010, so coming out the album Plastic Beach with a Full of collaborations of Snoop Dogg in Lou Reed via Soul. The album is new a success and positive reviews of the press, but also other artists complete to devote Gorillaz as a key group.

If the album fals, the tour that follows, "Escape from Plastic Beach", is it source of tensions between Albarn and Hewlett, the latter criticizing the blur singer to have always come more people on stage always masking a little more his creations. In 2011 arrives an album a little except since fully designed on iPad and made available for free: The Fall

Until 2017, the group does not produce anything, but Jamie Hewlett uses Instagram to broadcast images of the four fictitious members of the group and even create series of images "The Book of ..." which tells for each of the characters what 'It happened between Plastic Beach and the coming album.

This album arrives on April 28, 2017 under the title Humanz and is a boon for all the fans of the group that thought it definitely dissolved. A year after spell The Now Now, sixth album of the group, and album today a little disputed as it reveals a few limits to the Gorillaz formula.

In 2020, the group launches into the Song Machine project. The concept is simple, transform what could have been a classic album in series. A piece is an episode and each episode is broadcast on social networks via a clip with the invited artist on the project. This season 1 will be released in album on October 23, 2020 and a season 2 is already on the rails!

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