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Article: Hype Breeze, solo exhibition of Josh Mayhem by The Crown Collection

Hype Breeze, l'exposition solo de Josh Mayhem par The Crown Collection

Hype Breeze, solo exhibition of Josh Mayhem by The Crown Collection

American artist living in Los Angeles, Josh Mayhem used to collect vinyl toys and turn them into art objects. Known thanks to his series "Blown Away" which puts forward figurines covered with drops of paintings that seem to defy gravity, as if the figurines disintegrated in contact with the wind, Josh Mayhem is a custom artist. Creating an impression of movement, these revival figurines have had a lot of success, particularly with galleries that organize exhibitions around.

This is the case with The Crown Collection, hybrid gallery, which creates a show about Josh Mayhem's work from August 3 presenting Hype Breeze, his solo exhibition. The subject ? Hypebeast, which is a term used for collectors, fans, lovers of urban culture and streetwear. We can see original figurines of Coarse, Kasinglung, Ron English, Kaws, Matt Gondek, Luke Chueh, King Saladeen or Hebu Brantley, reinterpreted by Josh Mayhem or some of his collaborations including that with Quiccs on a TEQ63 figurine and the one with Kenny Wong on his mythical Molly.

Kaws by Josh Mayhem

Matt Gondek by Josh Mayhem

King Saladeen by Josh Mayhem

Luke Chueh by Josh Mayhem 

Technical, innovative and ultra colorful, the works of Josh Mayhem give him a place of choice on the designer toys scene with his customs. No wonder, then, that he received the price of  the Custom of the Year at Designer Toys Awards 2019.

Hype Breeze is being shown tomorrow at The Crown Collection in Denver, and for those who can not see it, console yourself with Josh Mayhem's videos and photos on her Insta account.

Credits : The Crown Collection/ Josh Mayhem

Source : Toys Revil/ The Crown Collection/ Josh Mayhem 

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