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Article: Dunny flies in Balloon version by Wendigo Toys X Kidrobot

Dunny s'envole en version Balloon par Wendigo Toys x Kidrobot

Dunny flies in Balloon version by Wendigo Toys X Kidrobot

Adorable small rabbit with tubular ears, Dunny does the rain and the good weather at Kidrobot Since 2004. The craze is such that everyone wants to interpret them as Wendigo Toys whose aerial version is not to displease us. The Canadian label has embarked on the challenge of creating a piece between the object of art and the figurine while maintaining the playfulness of it. A thin border that finds an answer in a regressive shape inspired by the balloon with helium.

All codes are: metallic colors, shape as inflated with block and wrinkling printing of matter; Wendigo Toys has everything good. From the top of his 20 cm, Balloon Dunny makes us plunge into childhood with this floating room to find in red and gold. Be careful however, Balloon Dunny Red is published at 1000 copies when Gold version East 300-pieces. It is already known that it leaves like small breads.

You know what you have left to do...

Credits: Wentian Toys / Kidrobot

Source: Wentian Toys / Kidrobot

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