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rolito Here is the interview of Rolito published in Clark magazine # 13 but this time in its entirety with a lot of interesting bonuses :) Rolito Interview Presentation (curriculum, experiences) I first have 5 years at the School of Fine Arts (DNAT and DNSEP). Then I became Da at Teamchman for 5 years, then daoy2r. Today I focus on the Semper-Fi collective project. Current activity? Artistic Director, Character Designer. Active member of Semper-Fi ( Where does this name Rolito come from? It is a derivative of my last name, too long history, my Padre is of Spanish origin ... What happened for you since the TEAMCHMAN stop? After 5 years of good and loyal services within the Teamchman, we created Semper-Fi with 5 other elders of the box, I was artistic director of TOY2R. Now I focus solely on Semper-Fi projects. What assessment do you shoot these years? The main benefit of these 5 years has been able to work with friends of long dates (Dany, Run, Chick) and to work with talented people like Yan, Gus, Scien, Superbye ... What are the current activities of Semper-Fi? We work all azimuths, we have toy projects, comics, animation, exhibition etc ... All the interest of Semper-Fi lies in the fact that we are very eclectic. Who composes this 'team'? There are 3 other designers: Chick (, Dany ( and Run (; Yan, modeler, animator, director and gus, programmer and viking at his lost hours. You are based in Lille, how do you explain that there are so many graphic talents in the Lille region? Honestly I do not think Lille is more a pool of talents than another city. There are people tamped everywhere, just pay attention to them and # 61514; What are your future plans persons and collective? We have many projects, a mutafukaz comics (, a Book concept (Barron), Crossovers with the Rolitoboy, a new collection of Toys (Rolitoland Safari) that will start by the birth of Ned Zed, a Expo in early 2005, a croosock book with Devilrobots and Nathan jurevicius and full of other stuff that will be on the horizon. At the views of your graphic universe, we could imagine a series of animation around your characters, it's a project / ambition / dream or anything else? We are working on a teaser (Billy) for early 2005, an old project we will finally finish and # 61514; Can you give us an exhaustive list of toys products under your name / under the name Semper-Fi? We have worked a lot about QEE, 2 in Series 4, the Qee Pix Festival (3 versions), the first QEE / SWATCH collection (3 models), the Top2tummy (4 versions), the Mutafukaz Qee (4 versions), the My QEE (which should go out early October in 3 versions), and 3 versions of the Rolitoboy (Rolitobleu for Colette, Rolitoball for PlayStation and Rolitosun for the Toy2R Expo). Will soon follow new versions of the Rolitoboy, the Ned Zed and a mini series of 8 characters. What motivated you / pushed to produce your own toys? I collect toys from chandeliers and as I am Character Designer, it was an evidence for me to go from 2D to volume. The "technical" side plugs me a lot, the materials (Roto, ABS, PVC), the ball joints, the mushroom joints etc., it is a fascinating thing. And I'm not talking about the smell of vinyl ... a very addictive material. When did that come to you? Very early, I already tried my Lego and my playmobil to turn them and create my own characters. Does the creation of Toys is a lucrative activity or just a pleasure, a hobby compared to your other activities? It's not really lucrative, I think if you want to make money with your toys, have to sell them yourself. For me it's a passion. What is the concept of 'Rolitoboy'? Originally Rolitoboy was the rolitoland goalkeeper. All the world of Rolitoland is "protected" in his head. His head is at the same time a "packaging" (all parts of his body can hold in his brain) and a box from which the inspiration is indefinitely ... I wanted to start with this perso to be able to "explore" different techniques and materials ... I did not want to start with a basic roto ... What are the new versions of the 'Rolitoboy' of planned? You collaborated with the firm Sony for the Rolitoball, what interests you in Bosser with / for big companies? A Yoyamart version (a New York shop) should go out shortly, a "special" crossover version with Ninja-Tune is in progress and an "alternative" version of the Black and White Rolitobleu should go out for Expo toy2r in Tokyo October. I really want to work on many Crossover with this Toy, to push it a little further ... It does not matter if I work with big or small companies, for me interest is especially to be able to work with people who influenced me in my job, whether in video games, music, fashion ... How was the connection with TOY2R? I went to "Holidays" in Hong Kong in 2001, I met Raymond Choi in his shop in Kowloon. At the time there was no "frenzy" in the world of Toy, Raymond was in the demand for projects, it was the most simply of the world. Jaime Hayon (Spain) and Touma (Japan) are two important artists today at TOY2R. Is there a link between you all? What do you think of these two artists? What are the differences and similarities between your work (if there is one)? I am very friend with Jaime and I get along very well with Touma. I am more sensitive to what Jaime does in the sense that his Toy (Onion) is very different from what is right now. I love the job of Touma, especially the work on the form, the next Hellhounds will be a killing! You sessom more known in Asia than in France, how do you explain that? Known, it's a big word! and # 61514; Let's say that Asia and the US are more "sensitive" at my job. I noticed that in France the majority of the artists known in the world of Toy had a Graf / Street Wear background (Mist, Steph Cop, Fifi, Triiad ...) and was already "known" for something else. I think the Toy movement is only in its infancy and we have to wait a little before doing an "expertise" on this nascent "movement". Would you like to see the situation reverse? No ... I just want to be able to continue to create and in this area there are no boundaries, no matter whether we are in France or elsewhere. What do you think of the emergence of the designer toy movement in France? For now he does not have the same scale as Asia or the US. I cross my fingers so that it's not just a fashion effect ... At the same time I am confident because the first created are of qualities and find a favorable echo abroad. What did you think of this year's events (Lazy Toyz, Toyzworld, Who's Next Show)? I find it very good that people like LAZY DOG, Colette, Artoyz ... are echoing what is happening in the world at the level of Toy. How do you see evolve in the coming years the movement of designer toys? Question trap ... no idea ... What is the Toy who impressed you most in recent months? The SFCCs of Michael Lau, the Hellboy of Eric So. I look forward to the Minipips of Up The Resolution, Bigfoot Bigfoot, and the new project of Jaime Hayon ... What advice (s) would you give to an artist who would like to see producing his toys? Oula ... to persevere ... Today Toys projects are legions, new boxes are born almost every day, even sales sites become producer. You just have to do a Toy just to "make a toy" ... Preferred toy of all time? In the mainstream, the legos in the designer toy the SFCCs of Michael Lau. The toy you would have liked to create? The to-fu of Devilrobots. With which toydesigner (s) would you like to collaborate? I am working with Devil Robots and Nathan Jurevicius. The dream would be a crossover with Michael Lau! ToyDesigner (s) favorite? Michael Lau without hesitation! Favorite draftsman (s)? Chris Ware, Dave Cooper, Mignola, Rhode Montijo, David B, Manu Larcenet ... Favorite artist (s)? All those I mentioned above are artists! Otherwise Fabrice Hybert, the movement cobra ... Preferred grave guard (s)? Dany, Scien, OS Gemeos ... Which artist would you dream of seeing toydesigner? The Brothers Bouroullec. Favorite website? Google. What inspires you ? Pre-Colombian civilizations, music, food ... Finally everything inspires me ... life what! ... Animated Drawing (s) / Favorite Animation Film? The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack … BDS / Manga / Preferred Comics? Jimmy Corrigan de Chris Ware, Weasel de Dave Cooper, the climb of the Haut Mal of David B ... Favorite film (s)? Eraser Head, Citizen Kane, the planet of monkeys ... Favorite clothing brands / shoes? BAPE, EVISU, Hixsept, Adidas ... Preferred store? Superman Toys (Hong Kong). City / Preferred Location? Hong Kong. Favourite music ? Many things from the Ninja Tune and Morr Music labels, Steve Reich, Xenakis, delinquent clothes ... What do you think of Panda-Z? It's Mazinger Z who would have slept with Tare Panda ... Find the interview in English on the Artoyz forum in Toydesigners Profile! rolito rolito rolito rolito rolito rolito

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