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Article: Jaime Hatchback Top of the Pop!


Jaime Hatchback Top of the Pop!

Interview with Jaime Hatchback Jamie Hayon Presentation: What were your studies? What is your career? Your age ? Your place of birth? My name is Jamie Hayon. I was born in Madrid in Spain in 1974, so I have 30 years. I studied design in universities in California, Madrid and Paris. I specialized in industrial design. What is your job right now? At the moment I take care of my own studio Hayonstudio in Barcelona. We work between art and 3D design, and we create sophisticated pieces in limited series and we also do industrial prod. I design furniture, interiors and objects that I place on the market with the help of galleries and design companies. Can you tell us more about your past and future exhibitions? I worked on so many exhibitions in the past, traveled in the world ... The last exhibition I made was the "Mediterranean Digital Baroque" in London at David Gill Galleries. I had created a fantastic ceramic forest with candy colors. In this last installation, I introduced the first Toy onion with both a graphic work and furniture design. At the moment I work on lots of different stuff, I design a bottle for Danone (Evian), a new collection of very special bathroom items for a Spanish brand, I also design a new collection of "Josephine" lamps " And the new collections of Onion: OLI and OSI FR for the international market. I will also make a monocolored installation of furniture in Milan, and some other exhibitions during the Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona and Miami during the "Art Fair". These are all my plans, I am very busy !! Could you describe your artistic universe? I'm trying to focus on my own criteria, selecting things that inspire me, crazy objects from the past. I look at the details, how are things walking, how do people react to things, human feelings interest me. My work is full of colors and energy, I try to combine my graphic style and my vision of furniture. I wonder how habitat objects can be represented differently. I hate the global and I love the only one, the special. Your inspiration seems to come from Cubism, but what is inspired by that? Not at all, my graphic style is very intuitive, I feel it a bit like Mediterranean with Spanish roots, but they are mixed with Japanese graphics and robot era. I describe my style as "Mediterranean Digital Baroque". What I'm doing really comes from my interior, it's really intuitive, I'm my instinct, I never really liked Cubism. As you are a Spanish artist, did you take part in Movida or were you too young? I was too young at that time, but energy is still present. Do you always work for Fabrica? No I worked at the head of the design department from 1997 to 2004, but it's over. Can you explain to us what is the concept behind MISSTake, and why this adventure ended recently? I started the company MISSTAKE in Italy with very good artists, as a collective experience to create merchandising based on our styles. Our business partner, who owns the company now, did not really understand the beauty of the project, as it often happens in the creation projects, so we had to stop, it was a big misske :) When are you decided to create toys? It happened in 2001 after participating in the IDN conference in Hong Kong. I was very interested in creating limited editions of my art, democratized through vinyl. Can you give us an exhaustive list of toys you have produced? I made lots of Qee, like the digital, France, Missake in several colors in 2 and 8 inches, and of course the onion figures that start right now. What is your main goal through the creation of Toys? For me it is the main way to mix what I like in shapes and graphics in a personal universe. For me it is a real artistic expression, toys are a part of my world with my facilities and my elements of furniture. What is the concept of the Onion? It seems that you have produced huge ceramic figures for an Expo, and that the onions are adapting to a reduced scale. I did something similar for an installation in Venice, but the figures had neither arms nor legs. The Toy is called onion in honor of my brother called Cebollo (Onion in Spanish). For me the onions are more than a comic in vinyl, they are a new vision in decorative art in a post-industrial era. More unique and limited, they are a new tool for expressing my feelings and personal tastes. I'm really trying not to make a story from start to finish, as in the comics world. I try to invent my own onion world step by step, and I like this feeling, it's more fun, the onion is art. One of the Baselines of the Onion is "Fuck The Human Race", do you think that one day toys or machines will control the world? Can you explain this phrase? It's possible, they already control a lot. Are you a toys' addict? If so, what does your collection look like? I'm not at all addict, I'm rather addict to other things. What is the Challenge of designer toys for you as an artist? My challenge is to create an object that would become an icon of today's society. I think I would be very happy, but my main interest as an artist and designer is to make toys that I can be very proud and who teaches me something new and the person who buys them . What are your relations with TOY2R? How do you explain that TOY2R now works more and more with Western designers? They are very good, Raymond Choy is a good friend. For me it's normal, there are many very good designers in the West, and it's better for them, it creates a bigger company with an international vision. I like it. There are two famous Character Designer at Toy2R that are Rolito and Touma, what do you think of them? I think Touma and Rolito are both very creative, marreds and cool with two very different styles, hat (in French in the text) You went to see Toy2R with a Toy project where they contacted you directly to work with you? We started together. It was very fun. Working for example with Tower Records is contrary to your artistic opinions or you think you have to use all possible means and therefore, for example, big companies to disseminate your artistic visions at an enlarged hearing? Since the TOWER Records project is a limited edition why not do it, I like collaborations, it's productive and you can learn a lot with big companies. The important thing is to be yourself in front of anyone, your soul and your identity will always be energetic and alive. Would you like to work with big companies in addition or do you prefer to work independently with complete work control? The two go. What do you think of the evolution of the scene of Toys Designers in recent months? It becomes so much fashion ... I do not think it's fine, because I saw so much bad products lately ... it's a shame. I like it underground, exclusive, with charm and quality. What advice could you give someone who wants to create or produce toys? Try to do what you really feel. This is the only real way to be innovative. The first rule to succeed is to have the courage to introduce his own intuitions and ideas. What artist (s) would you like to see toy designer? Maurizio Cattelan and Jeff Koons. I would like to see Phillip Stark too to make a Toy. With which artist (s) / toydesigner (s) are you bound? With Devil Robots, Idn Family, Rolito, Touma, Run, Mad Barbarianans and full of other friends. Which Toy has impressed you most in recent months? The gorilla of James Jarvis, who is very nice. It is a very special designer. What is your favorite Toy of all time? Mazinger Z. With which Toy Designer would you like to work? Shin Devil Robots and James Jarvis. Who are your classic favorite artists? Marcel Duchamp. Who are your modern favorite artists? Jeff Koons. COMIC WRITERS / DRAWERS / MANGAKAS? I do not really have any favorites. What are your favorite movies? The action movies, I love it. Website Favorite? Favorite animation films? I do not have a favorite. Manga and Comics Favorites? I do not have a favorite. What are your favorite brands (clothes, sneakers, food)? Viktor and Rolph, good quality and as boys. What is your favorite shop? A small shop that sells sandwiches with squid in Madrid at Plaza Mayor. What are your favorite disks / groups? V2. What are the subjects you prefer to work? Ceramic and plastic. As you traveled and worked in many places, what are your favorite country and city? Tokyo, Honk-Kong, Madrid, Paris. Today you live in Barcelona, ​​do you think that Barcelona is a special city for graffiti artists or artists in general? If so, how do you explain that? I think Barcelona is a great city with international vibes and a local culture from very interesting roots. What can we expect from you in the near future (Question Toys)? To dream and have fun with my new stuff. Last question, what do you think of Panda-Z? It does not interest me too much. Jamie Hayon Jamie Hayon Jamie Hayon Jamie Hayon Jamie Hayon Jamie Hayon Jamie Hayon

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