Day J: Summer sales 2020!

We had a little bit to believe thatSummer balances 2020 would be maintained, and yet: they are there! Since midnight until August 11, enjoy many discounts to discover or fill up with figurines! It's never too late to put it. Are you licensed? Disney side, Marvel or animated in all kinds, know that your happiness is not far. With brands like Funko and its pop (-40%)Goodsmile and its NendoRoid (-25%) orBeast Kingdom and its MINI EGG ATTACK (-25%) Otherly rediscover your cartoons, manga and favorite movies. Most ? It will surely do the joy of children around you!

Other brands are also part of our selection of summer balances, such asMedicom For example, whose mini UDF peanut figurines will inevitably make fly, just like someBearbrick 100%, 400% and 1000% Discounts ranging from -25% to -60%. You can also discover or collect some modelsARGOYZ ORIGINALS including Alëxone Lowrider (-50%) and Beastie Head (-30%) of Flying Fortress Troops (-30%).

Although pushed back from their initial date, the summer balances 2020 play the map of the variety, as you see it just here !

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