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Article: K-LOVE the last satirical figurine by Joan Cornellà

K-LOVE le dernière figurine satirique de Joan Cornellà

K-LOVE the last satirical figurine by Joan Cornellà

Known for his cynical and satirical art, the artist and illustrator Joan Cornellà presents his second bronze figurine named K-LOVE. A kind of invitation to Valentine's Day, this figurine is actually a punch, coated with the sweetness of a red heart, directed towards the leader of North Korea. The K corresponding to the first letter of his first name...

With his well recognizable brush cut this character in blue suit displays his most beautiful tense smile. Holding a red heart in his hand, he represents an ironic vision of words "love" and kindness. Once again tinged with politics, this bronze figurine by Joan Cornellà comes to join Selfie Gun, released in 2019. Measuring 7" and sold $ 11,000, K-LOVE was presented on the Ding Dong website today and is already sold out ! Why talk to you about it then ? Because Selfie Gun had the right to its vinyl version... Maybe we can expect the same with K-LOVE ?

Credits : Joan Cornellà 

Source : Joan Cornellà Instagram 

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