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Article: Takashi Murakami releases a new Kokeshi Doll !

Takashi Murakami sort une nouvelle Kokeshi Doll !

Takashi Murakami releases a new Kokeshi Doll !

Traditionally made of wood, the Kokeshi Doll is cylindrical in shape and represents a character surrounded by flowers. Hand painted, they are real little works of art. And this traditional art finds a contemporary echo here in the work of the very whimsical Takashi Murakami. It's through the Japanese manufacturer Usaburo that the collaboration is born. What does aesthetics look like ? The description is not so simple because several photos are offered to us. The first seems to be the preparatory work on which we recognize the markers of Murakami's work and the second represents the work once placed on the Kokeshi Doll.

On the first Murakami imagined a female character with an imposing and dense headdress and whose piercing green eyes are. If it's absent on the second photo, we nevertheless find the decor imagined around a traditional Japanese building. The flowers, which we imagine to be those of a cherry tree, are in reality the main characters of Murakami's paintings. Finally, Mount Fuji, in the middle of the composition, also becomes pop by being in turn personified. An almost total reinterpretation but which remains mysterious on several points: the material of the Kokeshi Doll, its price and its release date. We will have to be patient before discovering the very daring collaboration of Usaburo and Takashi Murakami.

Credits : Usaburo / Takashi Murakami 

Source : Takashi Murakami Instagram 

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